Get Fit in 2016 with Couch to 5k

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Do you want to get in shape and increase your fitness levels in 2016?

Then look no further than McQuillan’s ‘From couch to 5km’ fitness club.

The club which will be run by Health and Wellbeing Officer Barry Kelly, offers particpants (Over-16) the opportunity to get back into, or indeed, start running or walking again.

Participants can register for any of the three categories; Trot – I have never run before but enjoy walking;

Canter – I run occasionally/played sport in the past or Gallop – Regularly play sport/train could go for a short run now.

Barry Kelly explained: “The idea is to get the community fit and active. We held a ‘Biggest Loser’ before and it was a great success.

“The first training session will take place on Tuesday 18th and people will have their own personal weekly targets, organised training sessions for each ability level and can train at the same level or try to progress to the next level over the 6 weeks.

“There will of course be those who will just register and take part in the race on 20th February but we are hoping to get a lot of people out of the house and challenge them to start walking or running and build up towards the 5k.

“It’s not about a race for most people, its about getting fit whilst building the community spirit at the same time.

“We are hoping to get around 100 people for the race day and some of the registration fee for the race will to to the Good Morning charity in Ballycastle.”