Moyle Disability Football Club returns


Moyle Disability Football Club is designed to enable anyone with a disability of either a physical and/or sensory nature to take part in football skills training and team play.

Moyle District Council and the Irish Football Association work together to run the Disability Football Club based at Cross & Passion College, Ballycastle, starting back on Tuesday October 8 (6pm–7pm) for children aged between 7-14 years at a cost of £2.

Moyle Disability Football club is a well run project suitable for anyone with a disability who wants to take part in football coaching in a safe and suitable environment in what has turned out to be an excellent forum for children, and young people, the club has been running since 2009.

There will be a second club if there is sufficient interest for anyone aged 15 and upwards (there is no upper age limit).

If you require further information please contact: Grace McMullan on 02820762225.