FOOTBALL: Kearney to continue as Coleraine manager

Oran Kearney - post match debrief''. photo:Derek Simpson
Oran Kearney - post match debrief''. photo:Derek Simpson

Coleraine Oran Kearney has signed a one year extension to his contract, which expires at the end of June.

Kearney has also appointed Glenavon and Linfield player William Murphy to his backroom staff.

In a statement on the Club’s website:

“After a disappointing season for both the fans and club as a whole, the Coleraine FC board has taken time to reflect on the position of manager Oran Kearney.

“Following careful consideration the board has offered a new one-year contract to the manager, in which a number of clear and absolute objectives have been specified. Oran has agreed to the terms of the contract offer and will thus continue in the position of Coleraine FC manager.”

The statement went on: “The board of Coleraine FC wish to state that the targets presented to Oran clearly reinforce the board’s desire to ensure progression is attained at first team level. Additionally, the club reiterates that youth development and community projects remain high priorities via the work of the Coleraine FC Academy and in partnership with the Harry Gregg Foundation.”