Drumaheagles Junors win County Antrim Football Tournament

Drumahealges Junior LOL 99 attended the County Antrim Junior Orange 5-aside football tournament on Saturday 8th September.

The Tournament was held at the new 3G pitch and complex at Burnside Orange Hall in Antrim, with Junior Lodge teams throughout the county competing in three age categories - Under 10’s, 10-13 and over 13 year of age.

Drumaheagles under 10’s won all their matches very convincingly and kept a clean sheet in all matches, plaing against teams from Lisburn and Ferniskey. An impressive goal tally of 14 goals scored by Drumaheagles against their opponents.

The Drumaheagles Juniors under 10 team of Jack Campbell (C), Mark Morrow, Corey McIntyre, Jorden McCrelis, Melvyn McIntyre and Jamie-Lee Blair were presented with their winners medal and trophy by the County Master, Bro Richard Belshaw. Drumaheagles Under 10’s, Ferniskey 10-13’s and Lisburn over 13’s will now represent the County at the Junior Grand Orange Lodge tournament to be held on Saturday 3rd November 2012.