Annual meeting of Ballycastle Liverpool Supporters’ Club

Ballycastle Liverpool Supporters’ Club held their annual meeting in the Anzac Bar.

Friday, 31st January 2014, 10:32 am
Members of the Ballycastle Liverpool Supporters Club pictured at their annual meeting in the Anzac Bar.INBM05-29-14 120F

The enthusiasm and commitment by the club was evidenced by the large turnout of members who have now been officially recognised as a bona fide Supporters’ Club.

The Ballycastle club are understood to be amongst a select few who have been given official status by Liverpool and this means that the local fans will be able to attend up to 16 games during the 2014-2015 season.

Formed in November 2012, the Supporters Club had to undergo a strict application procedure to meet the rigorous criteria set by Liverpool.

All that was met and now the club can look forward to really supporting their team.

One leading member, Damian O’Kane, said the local lads were delighted at being accepted as a properly constituted supporters club and were looking forward to seeing some of the big named teams at Anfield.

“We will have 16 games to choose from with a few of the top teams included. We’ll get 15 tickets at a time which is excellent.”

The local lads can also apply to have a player come once a year to speak to them.

“We won’t always be guaranteed to get someone but we’ll certainly be trying. We’ll also be hoping that Brendan Rodgers might come to a meeting when he’s home but we understand that he’s a very busy man with many demands on his time,” Damian said.