Disappointing day - NW200

RYAN Farquhar will be hoping to put the 2011 North West 200 behind him as soon as possible.

The Dungannon star had been hoping to put on a strong showing around the 8.9-mile circuit but all he had to show for his efforts was a seventh place in the Supersport race.

An oil leak put paid to his Superbike race and that, combined with a security alert and inclement weather, resulted in long delays and eventual abandonment of the racing.

The KMR Kawasaki man was on pace throughout qualifying, but his choice of wet and intermediate tyres in the opening Supersport race left him at a slight disadvantage with the rest of the leading riders.

He battled on manfully but eventually had to settle for seventh.

The security alert and heavy rain led to a lengthy delay between to the first Superbike race.

Farquhar got off to a good start along with fellow Kawasaki rider Michael Dunlop, before Alastair Seeley hit the front.

Coming through Dhu Varren Farquhar almost lost the back end twice as unbeknown to him the bike had sprung an oil leak.

The bike was still running at full power but he pulled over further along the coast road as soon as he realised something was wrong.

The race was subsequently stopped and a clear up process begun but with rain continuing to fall, the organisers were unable to make the track safe for racing and the decision was ultimately made to abandon the rest of the meeting.

“It’s been a really disappointing week and nothing’s gone right,” said Farquhar afterwards.

“It was a shame that the Superbike wasn’t ready but I felt good in qualifying despite having a few teething issues with the two bikes.

“The forecast for Saturday wasn’t the greatest and I thought I’d have a good chance in all of the races but it went wrong from the beginning when I made the wrong decision with the tyres in the Supersport race.

“I got to the front as soon as I could but the others boys just had better grip and I couldn’t stay on the same pace that they were running.

“The Superbike race started brilliantly and I knew I had to be in the front two by the time I got to York to have a chance. Alastair and Michael had got by me but I still felt comfortable in third.

“Just after I went under the railway bridge at Dhu Varren though, the bike went sideways on me twice and if it wasn’t for the traction control cutting in, I’d have been off without doubt, so I was very lucky.

“I thought I’d hit some standing water or was simply pushing too hard and the bike was still running at full power so there wasn’t any reason to think there was anything wrong.

“However, the bike then went into a strange drift at Black Hill which made me think the tyre wasn’t working right but I didn’t want to pull off line immediately as I knew Bruce and Gary were right behind me and after what happened between Stuart Easton and Gary Mason in practice, I didn’t want them to run into the back of me.

“As soon as approached Juniper, I put my foot out to warn all the other riders I was pulling in and it was only when I stopped that I discovered the bike was covered in oil.

“I pulled off the circuit as soon as it was safe to do so, but there was a lot of oil on the bike and I just don’t know yet what the cause of it was so we’ve sent it away to be checked and repaired.

“I can’t remember the last time I had a mechanical problem as I put so much time and effort into the preparation of the bikes.

“Personally, it’s been a very disappointing NW200 for me as I came here looking for some decent results before the TT but it just hasn’t happened.

“What with the security alert and the weather, it’s been a tough day and a real disappointment for everyone concerned.”