Decisive league win for Dalriada girls


ON Saturday Dalriada 1st XI hockey team travelled to the Antrim Forum to play Antrim Grammar in a league match.

The match got off to a quick start with both teams coming out strong, however Dalriada were the more dominant side, with Lynn McAuley and Holly Clark winning frees up the right hand side.

Heavy pressure coming from Dalriada’s forwards resulted in the first goal of the match scored by captain, Rebecca Turton. With spirits high the girls maintained possession with strong tackles coming from Rachel Allen and Judith McConaghy.

Despite Antrim being one nil down they proved dangerous on the break, resulting in Caitlin De Jode throwing herself in for a goal saving tackle in order to keep a clean sheet.

The defence stood strong and Antrim were unable to concede a goal due to good communications from Nicola McCollum and Hollie Fleming. Midfield worked well linking passes together which resulted in Becky Webb crossing the ball onto the stick of Claire Finnerty, who slotted it into the back of the net.

In the last remaining minutes a penalty corner was won, where despite a team effort the girls finished the half with a two nil lead.

Beginning the second half, confident from playing well, Sophia Rogers and Manon Eymere gained ground up the right hand side and persevered through a tough Antrim defence.

Yet again the girls were rewarded for their hard work when Eva Carson broke through the defence and skilfully timed the pass of the ball for Claire Finnerty to again put it in the back of the net.

The girls kept their heads and dominated the remaining minutes of the match, finishing strongly with a penalty corner scored by Holly Clark.

Final result Dalriada 4 Antrim Grammar 0.