Dalriada hockey teams emerge undefeated against Antrim Grammar


On Saturday 7th December Dalriada 2ndXI met at Antrim Forum to challenge Antrim Grammar in a league match which ended in a 0-0 draw.

The match started well for Dalriada who came close to scoring in the opening minutes, but unfortunately for them nothing came of their opportunities.

Antrim retaliated with some threatening counter-attacks, but again nothing availed.

In the second half it was clear that Dalriada had the upper hand, keeping most of the play in their attacking half, however Antrim also had a few attacking runs, but these were well defended by Dalriada.

As the game drew to a close, Dalriada were unfortunate not to score, as they had plenty of opportunities in the circle, and the result came out as a draw which didn’t reflect the play throughout the game.

The player of the match was Sophie Rollins, left mid-field, who made some excellent runs, using her skill to carry the ball up the pitch and create openings for scoring.

The team would like to thank Miss Laura McCurdy and Miss Wharry for coaching them and umpiring, as well as the coaches from Antrim.

* Dalriada 3rdXI hockey team travelled away to Antrim Forum to play against Antrim Grammar 3rdXI where Dalriada won 5-0.

In the first half of the match Right forward, Hannah Ritchie, scored two brilliant goals with the help of centre forward, Katherine Anderson. Half time gave the girls a well needed rest and the energy to score 3 more goals in the second half.

The 3rd and 4th goals were both scored by centre midfield, Megan Mc Burney, and the 5th scored by Right forward, Olivia Cameron. The whole team played well and great defence was shown by all defenders. Issy Ross, Goalie, stopped some high speed shots at goal. The team would like to thank Miss McCurdy for umpiring their match.

* On the 7th December, Dalriada U14A girls played Antrim Grammar School with a final score of 0-0. Both fought very hard to win but unfortunately neither side were able to get a goal in.

All of the Dalriada girls played extremely well and contributed to the outcome of the match. But Natalia Rygielska, who usually plays in the position of left mid, was the player of the match as she did excellently in centre back which is a completely new position to her.

The Dalriada girls would like to thank their coach Mrs Cousins for all the support. They would also like to thank the umpires for their part in todays match.

* The Dalriada u13 team took on Antrim Grammar on Saturday 7th December.The match was hosted by Antrim and the match ended 0-0. Both teams played well throughout the match. It was an evenly contested match that ended scoreless with both teams wasting match winning chances.

A good all round performance by Olivia Mullan who kept Dalriada in the game with her energetic circle to circle game. Antrim had a few good chances but could not get past the defenders Jane Anderson, Sarah Hadden, Ria Walls, Milenka Rygielska and the sweeper Cara Telfer. Left back Ria Walls was able to make some brilliant clearances into the other half of the pitch. It was a good match and both teams played well and had a good day.