Dalriada Firsts unlucky to lose tight match against strong Rainey team

Dalriada 0 Rainey Endowed 1

Wednesday, 17th October 2012, 9:35 am

The Dalriada 1st XI were unlucky to lose a tight match at home against a strong Rainey Endowed side on Saturday 13th October.

The girls played well but Rainey scored from a penalty corner early in the second half. leaving the final score at 1-0.

Dalriada started well and had most of the possession in the first half with Rainey unable to break through their strong defence.

Good running from right back Holly Clark and great leadership from Captain Rebecca Turton and Vice-Captains Judith McConaghy and Nicola McCollum kept the team well organised and they were unlucky not to turn their chances into goals.

Rainey upped their game in the second half with more pressure on the defence. They held up extremely well, but were unlucky to concede a penalty corner which Rainey converted and took the lead.

However, Dalriada kept their heads up and finished well. This was an impressive performance for the new squad against tough opposition, and players such as Hollie Fleming in her new position at sweeper had a great game. Player of the match went to Holly Clark. The team would like to thank Mrs Cleland and both umpires.

Dalriada II 0 Rainey Endowed 2

On Saturday 13th October 2012, Dalriada 2XI hockey team played in a league match against Rainey endowed school Magherafelt at the Joey Dunlop Centre.

Unfortunately for Dalriada, despite great efforts from all players, they lost 2-0.

In the first half, there was some very skilful play from Dalriada but they were unable to add to the scoreboard. Great play came from Emma Chestnutt, (right forward) and Eva Carson (right midfield) pushing the ball into the circle.

Dalriada would like to thank the coach, Miss McCracken for her support and guidance and the umpires of the match.

Dalriada U-15 0 Rainey Endowed 5

On the 13th October, Dalriada U-15 hockey team played Rainey Endowed School at the Joey Dunlop Centre.

Both teams played exceptionally well. At the end of the first half the score was 3-0 to Rainey and by the end of the match Rainey won with an ending score of 5-0.

Player of the match for Dalriada was jointly won by Bronwyn Thompson and Rachel Taggart. The team would like to thank the Dalriada coach and umpire Ms McCracken.

Rainey 2 Dalriada U-14 0

The U14 X1 played Rainey Endowed School on Saturday 13th October 2012 in Meadowbank Stadium. The score was 2-0 to Rainey.

The unfamiliar carpet pitch did not favour Dalriada. In the first ten minutes, both teams were equal, then the Right-midfielder Kate Jamison received an injury.

Dalriada defended for the next ten minutes and Rainey managed to score just before half-time.

Dalriada came out more determined in the 2nd half and produced some good attacking play from right-wing Hannah Ritchie.

Left-wing Megan McBurney worked tirelessly throughout the match. Dalriada’s defence were disciplined causing the strong Rainey team to make mistakes.

However, after 3 injuries, Rainey managed to snatch a second goal. Attacker of the match for Dalriada was Megan McBurney and Defender of the match was Hannah Christie. The team would like to thank all the coaches.

Rainey B U-14 1 Dalriada U-14 B 1

On Saturday 13th October, the Dalriada Under 14 hockey B team played the Under 14 Rainey B team in Magherafelt in their second match of the season. The final score was 1-1, with a fantastic shot from centre midfield Lauren Gibson.

With a squad of just eleven, the team only had one injury, Beth Patterson, who suffered a ball hit on the lip. Bekah Kennedy, a U13 B team player bravely took her place for the remainder of the second half, and came close to scoring several times.

Forwards Jessie Gray, Katherine Anderson and Rachel Hunter played brilliantly, keeping the possession of the ball for the majority of the match, bar one breakaway from Rainey in which they managed to score their first and only goal.

The B team’s defence of right back Hannah McCurdy, captain and centre back Annie McIlhatton, right back Jade Houston and sweeper Rachael Wilson all did a fantastic job keeping the ball well away from goalie Lois Barr who did a superb job. Midfielders Lauren Gibson, Rachel McConaghie and Beth Patterson also played brilliantly, working in defence and attack.

Dalriada were definitely the stronger team, with just a few challenges from Rainey in the circle. The whole team played fantastically for their second match of the season, and would like to give player of the match to right midfield Rachel McConaghie, who done a great job keeping the ball near the wings and giving the forwards chances for goals. The whole team would like to thank Mrs Cousins, their coach and umpire for the game, and Rainey’s coach and umpire as well. A great start to the season, well done to everyone.

Rainey 0 Dalriada U-13s 2

Dalriada U13s played Rainey Endowed at Magherafelt high on the 13th October. Dalriada however, had the stronger side and managed to win 2-0.

Both teams had a strong start with defenders and attackers performing excellently. Dalriada’s attackers Emily Walsh (Centre Forward), Bekah Kennedy (Left wing) and Rebecca Bingham (Right Wing) played extremely well, striking the ball up the pitch.

After some team encouragement at half time from Dalriada coach Mrs Cousins, the second half showed a superb determination from Dalriada.

Bekah Kennedy had the first shot at the goals and hit a striking ball into the back of the net. Shortly after, Rebecca Bingham then scored a stunning goal.

Midfielders Leah Glass (Right Midfield), Erin Hennissey (Left Midfield) and Rachel Johnston (Centre Midfield) worked hard in defending as well as attacking.

Defenders Nadine Robinson (Left Back), Eve Webster (Centre Back), Emma Colgan (Right back) and Leah McIlveen (Sweeper) played really well in getting the ball up the pitch and away from the goals.

Goalkeeper Rebecca Dinsmore played extremely well and saved all shots that came to her.

The team would like to thank Mrs Cousins for all her encouragement and comments that she gave us. Well done to the whole team!

* Early Saturday morning, Dalriada U13A’s travelled to Magherafelt to play Rainey Endowed. The score at half time was 1-0 to Rainey. There were a few injuries but the girls fought back fiercely. Afterwards the team couldn’t decide on a player of the match so it was awarded to all the players for a group effort. A big thank-you to Nikki Parke for coaching the team and Mrs Ruddock for umpiring the match.