FANTASY CRICKET: Have a go in our NCU League game

After bad weather wiped out the first weekend of the NCU Premier League season, the 2019 campaign is set to get underway on Saturday and the News Letter and its associated titles in the jpimedia group are launching a fantasy league for the action!

Friday, 3rd May 2019, 12:11 am
Updated Friday, 3rd May 2019, 12:18 am

Starting with this weekend’s games and running right through until September, you will battle it out with others to finish top of the pile and prove you are the ultimate tactical genius.

The rules are explained below. To enter, all you have to do is submit a team via email to [email protected] which abides by the below rules.

Lay out your email as follows:


Team name:

Overseas player:


Then followed by your remaining players.

Scoring system

1 point per run scored (5 bonus points for your player scoring 50+, 10 bonus points for 100+).

20 points per wicket taken (20 point bonus if your player gets five wickets or more)

5 points for a wicketkeeper catch and 5 points for a stumping.


Budget of £110 million to complete a squad of 11.

One overseas player only in each team.

Have to pick one player from each of the eight teams. Once you have fulfilled that criteria, you can complete the team with any player.

You will select who you want to captain your side. This player will score double points. Your captain can change on a weekly basis (this must be done by email).

You are permitted to make five transfers throughout the summer, but you must make sure your budget isn’t exceeded and you always have one player from each team. This is also done via email.

Only one wicketkeeper allowed per team.


Overseas players

All designated overseas players will cost £15 million.

Pick one of Andre Malan (CSNI), Obus Pienaar (CIYMS), Jacques Snyman (Carrick), Murray Commins (Instonians), Faiz Fazal (Lisburn), Fahad Iqbal (Muckamore), Ruhan Pretorious (North Down) and Haseeb Azam (Waringstown).

Now pick at least one from each of the following teams and finish your squad of 11 how you see fit.


Ben Adair (£9 million)

Alan Blain (£6 million)

Andrew Cowden (£6 million)

Marc Ellison (£11 million)

Matthew Foster (£7 million)

Corin Goodall (£6 million) WK

Archie Johnston (£7 million) WK

James Kennedy (£7 million)

Graeme McCarter (£9 million)

Chris McMorran (£6 million)

Gary Wilson (£10 million)

Aaron Wright (£7 million)


Mark Adair (£11 million)

Jack Beattie (£6 million)

Ted Britton (£7 million)

James Cameron-Dow (£10 million)

Allen Coulter (£11 million)

Chris Dougherty (£10 million) WK

Ryan Hunter (£7 million)

Nigel Jones (£11 million)

John Matchett (£8 million)

Jacob Mulder (£8 million)

David Robinson (£6 million)

Jason van der Merwe (£7 million)


Jack Burton (£6 million)

Max Burton (£6 million)

Ryan Eagleson (£7 million)

Michael Gilmour (£7 million) WK

Alex Haggan (£8 million)

Jamie Holmes (£8 million)

Richard Hood (£6 million)

Luca Johnson (£6 million)

Anthony Martin (£7 million)

Matthew McCord (£8 million)

Iain Parkhill (£7 million)

Ashwin Shetty (£8 million)

CJ van der Walt (£9 million)

Harry Warke (£6 million)


Shane Getkate (£10 million)

Matthew Humphreys (£6 million)

James Hunter (£7 million)

James Magee (£7 million)

Jordan McClurkin (£7 million)

Robert McKinley (£9 million)

James Metcalfe (£7 million) WK

Oliver Metcalfe (£6 million)

Ben Rose (£6 million)

Nikolai Smith (£8 million)

Andrew White (£10 million)


Callum Atkinson (£6 million)

Adam Berry (£8 million)

Mark Berry (£7 million)

Graham Elliott (£6 million) WK

Peter Ferguson (£6 million)

Michael Glass (£6 million)

Glenn Halliday (£6 million)

Richard McConkey (£6 million)

Robert Rankin (£6 million)

David Simpson (£8 million)

Richard Simpson (£6 million)

Reinhardt Strydom (£8 million)

Jonathan Waite (£7 million)


Aditya Adey (£9 million)

Luke Allen (£6 million)

Francis Collins (£6 million)

Neil Gill (£8 million)

Sam Gordon (£7 million)

Pavan Karthik (£7 million)

Richard Keates (£6 million)

Steve Lazars (£8 million)

David Miller (£7 million) WK

Marcus O’Riordan (£6 million)

Karthik Rajevelu (£6 million)

Jamie Rogers (£7 million)

David Steen (£6 million)

North Down

Nathan Burns (£7 million)

Hammy Coulter (£6 million)

Peter Davison (£7 million)

Peter Eakin (£9 million)

Daniel Graham (£7 million)

Ryan Haire (£8 million)

Jamie Magowan (£8 million) WK

AJ Moor (£9 million)

Stuart Nelson (£7 million)

Carl Robinson (£7 million)

Alistair Shields (£9 million)

Vino Srinivasan (£6 million)

Craig Young (£8 million)


Matthew Daly (£6 million)

David Dawson (£7 million)

Adam Dennison (£11 million)

Ryan Dennison (£6 million)

Phil Eaglestone (£8 million)

James Hall (£11 million)

Gary Kidd (£10 million)

Kyle McCallan (£9 million)

Marcus McClean (£7 million) WK

James McCollum (£10 million)

Andrew Mitchell (£7 million)

James Mitchell (£7 million)

Lee Nelson (£9 million)

Matthew Purse (£6 million)

Greg Thompson (£10 million)

Ross Waite (£6 million)

You should now have your squad of 11 for the 2019 season.

Reminder that you should submit it to [email protected] by Saturday at noon to be entered for this weekend.

If you miss entry for this weekend, you can still pick a team to compete when you like.

Good luck!