Coach McClenaghan proud of his players

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Following Ballymoney Blaze’s foray into Europe coach McClenaghan said: “I’m so very proud of my players. I physically couldn’t have asked any more of them.

“We came up against a strong professional side who are able to pay players to play for them and who train twice a day, six days a week, and we pushed them to 20 points in the second set of the second match, which is a fantastic achievement, especially when you remember that we had a 16 and a 17 year old. That’s something you just don’t see at this level.”

“I believe we’ve done NI Volleyball, and more importantly Ballymoney Blaze, especially taking into account the difficulties we encountered with travel complications. All the players were very tired before the first game which showed in our play, although in the second match we really gave them a run for their money, so we can return home with our heads held high. For me personally this is the proudest moment of the past 11 years. We’ve built this club from nothing to being the only club from the whole of the UK to be playing in any European Club Competitions this season.”

““We have to thank everyone who’s supported us, from our sponsors Max Snax, to Ballymoney Sports Advisory Committee to all the family and friends. It’s been a great experience for every one of the players and for myself as the coach as we had live TV coverage of every point of the match on their equivalent of BBC 1. We now need to bring everything we’ve learnt into the NI league and use it to push the club forward even more.”