Centra and road racing at heart of the community - 250 cc sponsors

CONFIRMING its place at the heart of the local community, Biesty’s Centra Ballymoney has confirmed that it is back on board as sponsor of the 250cc Race at Armoy later this month.

Evidenceof the Centra’s support of road racing is not hard to find as visitors to the store can catch a glimpse of fantastic artwork featuring local road racing images, one focusing on the famous Armoy Road Races.

Glenn Biesty, owner of Biesty’s Centra in Ballymoney said, “I’ve been sponsoring this race since their very first event in 2009. It was an easy decision as I’m a bike fan myself and situated in Ballymoney, which is famous for the Dunlops and road racing, I grasped this great opportunity and have continued to support it ever since.

“It has been a great relationship. I think both of us, Biesty’s Centra and the Armoy Road Races, are at the heart of the community. The Club are full of local volunteers who give of their time freely and energetically. I can’t quite believe how they manage to put on a fantastic, exciting and thoroughly professional event.

“Being a sponsor of this local event allows me to be not only part of a home-grown and great event but to also give something back to the community and to those who shop with me day in and day 

Bill Kennedy, Chairman of the Armoy Club and Clerk of the Course said, “I’m truly grateful to sponsors like Biesty’s Centra Ballymoney. He and others have been with us from the beginning and it is extremely reassuring for the Club. It shows that we are doing something right as we’ve managed to run reasonably successful races during a recession.”