...but Rasharkin chairman isn’t impressed

THE Chairman of Rasharkin United has hit out over Ballymoney United’s approach to his team’s manager Chris Peacock.

Peter Baird told Times Sport of his anger and disappointment for Chris at the handling of the situation, accusing Ballymoney of “unprofessionalism”.

He said: “We as a committee were furious at the way Ballymoney approached this whole thing.

“Never once did they approach me or us as a club. I was informed by friends before even Chris knew of the offer

“I’m Chris’s best mate, and his Chairman, and I want nothing more than him to be recognised at that level as he deserves it.

“But if they had have went through the proper channels things could have been different.

“It’s a football respect thing for smaller clubs. Every signing we made this year we approached the teams and I spoke to the managers or chairman personally where possible, because we know what it’s like to lose players to a higher level. And who would stand in the way of someone trying to improve themselves, which is why we understand the difficulty of Chris’s decision of wanting to better himself, but not leave this title challenging team he has created!

“We like to think we have one of the most professional set ups in the league.

“There aren’t many clubs at our level that pay their manager all year, has two committee members minimum at all our away games, plus linesman, and has a full-time medical person on the bench every week!

“Chris has built us a fantastic team and it is all through his fantastic team and man management, personal relationship with players and the way the club conducts itself week in week out all season.

“Unfortunately the unprofessionalism of Ballymoney to conduct themselves in the proper manner has backfired on them and the committee and all the players at Rasharkin are delighted with Chris’s decision. We can now focus on another title challenge and hopefully more silverware.”