Blackwater Bar lead the Sloan’s Meat Dart League

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Results from the Sloan’s Meats, Ballymoney Darts league are as follows:

Joey’s Bar 1 (S.Gage), Blackwater Arrows 4 (I.Parke,D.McDonald,D.McMullan F.McMullan).

Rough Diamonds 4 (R.Adair,N.Duncan,C.McCaw J.Elder), Joey’s 3 1 (M.Halliday).

Blackwater Bar 4 (S.Walker,G.Small,R.Mooney T.McCook), Three Oaks 1 (R.O’Kane). Diamond Bar 4 (I.Taylor,M.Hamilton,P.McIlvenna A.Craig), North Irish Horse 1 (J.Gibson).

Sloan Meats League Table

Blackwater Bar 9

Blackwater Arrow 7

Diamond Bar 7

Rough Diamonds 6

Three Oaks 5

Joey’s Bar 3

North Irish Horse 2

Joey’s 3 1

Friday 2nd October will be the Jack McVicker individual competition to be played in Joey’s bar,all players must be registered by 8.45. The next meeting is on Wednesday 7th October in Joey’s bar all team captains please attend or send a representative.