armoy road races hailed as ‘best ever’

CLERK of the Course at Armoy, Bill Kennedy, has hailed the weekend’s event as the “best ever”.

Mr Kennedy says Saturday’s top-class ‘Race of Legends’ is proof of what can be accomplished through ‘hard work and dedication’.

The event has grown into the country’s leading national road race meeting since it was first held in 2009 and bumper crowds basked in glorious sunshine on Saturday as they watched record-breaking racing during a slickly-run meeting.

There was plenty for the home fans to cheer as Michael and William Dunlop won the feature races at their local event, with lap records falling in almost every race.

Four practice sessions postponed from Friday evening due to inclement weather were run on the morning of race day, but the 10-race programme was run in its entirety by 5.30pm, with the scheduled parade laps also taking place plus demonstration laps by Isle of Man TT Sidecar race winner Tim Reeves.

A delighted Kennedy said the Armoy club would continue to work hard in the future to ensure the continued success of the meeting.

“Everyone I talked to reckoned it was the best road race they had seen in some time,” he said.

“People don’t like long delays in between races and we try and keep the thing going as best we can. We also managed to run the parade laps and the Sidecar laps as planned too even though we had to hold some practice in the morning.

“We just kept things moving along and it’s about hard work and teamwork,” he added.