An Olympic Sport in your local area!

OVER the last couple of weeks, you may have caught site of white and blue outfits (that look a bit like pyjamas) battling to throw each other, or pin one another to the ground as Judo features in the Olympics?

Well, now is the perfect opportunity for you to come and try an Olympic Sport for yourself at the Causeway Judo club.

The Causeway Club is opening its doors to new members both young and not so young to come and learn more about Judo and the benefits it can have to people.

Founded as a martial art, Judo is now a very popular sport that promotes self-defence abilities, enhanced fitness, learning new skills and above all having fun.

So if you have seen Judo on the television and fancy giving it a go, now is the time to try it at one of the most acclaimed clubs in Northern Ireland.

With numerous qualified coaches, Commonwealth and British medallists at both senior and junior level, the Causeway Club can tailor training to those wanting to compete and those who just want to get fit and learn new skills.

Training takes place in the Leaney School, Ballymoney on Tuesday nights with juniors (from 6 upwards) at 7pm and Seniors (16+) at 8pm. There’s also Training in the Benvardin Community Hall on Thursday at 7pm.

Join the club on Facebook, or give head coach Alan Ashcroft a call on 07835 575 328 to find out more.