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bushmills league

With the Bushmills and District League now a third of the way through the season and this the last league week until after the zone competitions there was quiet a variety of results and as the Bushmills and District League table shows that a good run over the Christmas and New Year period any club could theoretically put themselves in the running for the club of the year.

Week Commencing 4th Nov 2013

Ballywatt 1 Dunluce Pres 6

(1st Rink 7-9 ),(2nd Rink 7-9 ),(3rd Rink 4-24 ),(4th Rink 13-5 )

Dunluce Parish 0 Benvarden

7 (1st Rink 0-17 ),(2nd Rink 3-8 ),(3rd Rink 5-13 ),(4th Rink 1-19 )

Week Commencing 11th Nov 2013 League

Armoy 0 Benvarden 7

(1st Rink 4-14 ),(2nd Rink 6-7 ),(3rd Rink 6-10 ),(4th Rink 7-13 )

Carncullagh 6 Dunluce Pres 1

(1st Rink 17-3 ),(2nd Rink 15-8 ),(3rd Rink 5-11 ),(4th Rink 13-6 )

Ballywatt 5 Bushmills 2

(1st Rink 7-12 ),(2nd Rink 14-7 ),(3rd Rink 6-11 ),(4th Rink 17-6 )

Dunluce Parish 5 Trinity 2

(1st Rink 14-3 ),(2nd Rink 9-10 ),(3rd Rink 11-6 ),(4th Rink 8-11 )


Benvarden 40

Dunluce Pres 30

Armoy 23.5

Ballywatt 20

Trinity 14.5

Bushmills 12

Dunluce Parish 12

Carncullagh 9



Results for Friday 15/11/13 League week 6

Joeys Bar v Kellys Own 2-4,

Blackwater House v Joeys Flights rearranged match,

Ma Kellys v Joeys Bar 3 0-6,

Bush House v Royal British Legion 0-6, Diamond Bar bye

High scores

J M c Clenahan 3x100 D Graham 4x100 B Gillen 122 P Walker 3x100 2x140 J McMullan 5x100

C McCaw 2x140 2x100 J Patton 2x100 140 A Archibald 133 118 100 N S P McAlonan 180 125 101

T McDonald 2x100 N Sharp 2x140 2x100 A Walker 140 C Harvey 2x100 P Tweed 100

D Gage 125 A Morrell 2x100 125 A McKeeman 3x100 D McMullan 3x100 180 D McDonald 3x100 140 135 P Moor 5x100 A Martin 4x100 140 118 111 J Watt 125 100 J Elder 2x100 2x140

T Campbell 108 100 J Campbell 133

Fixtures for Friday 22/11/13

Alexandra Woods Memorial Cup This will be played in Kellys Bar

Players are asked to register for 8-45pm so draw can be made and darts start at 9-00pm sharp Entry fee £10.00 per pair.


northern zone ladies

The Northern Zone Ladies’ Team will play North Down in St Mary’s Hall, Aghadowey, on Saturday 30th November 2013 at 2.00pm.

The team is as follows:

Rink1:Reid, Marian, T. O’Neill, St Colum’s, E. Clyde, St. Pat’s Portrush, C. Murray, St Colum’s Rink 2:P. Currie, Ballywillan, M. Campbell, 1st Dunboe, J. Huston, 1st Dunboe, B.O’Neill, St Colum’s

Rink 3:J. Jones,Finvoy, K. McFetridge, Moneydig, E. McAuley, D. McCloy, Finvoy

Rink4:B. McIlroy, St. Mary’s , S. Campbell, St. Pat’s Portrush, E. McKee, Kelly Mem, M. Johnston, 2nd Kilrea.

Rink 5: M. Elder, New Row, A. Hunter, Finvoy, J.McClelland, Kelly Mem., H. Arbuthnot, Drumreagh

Rink 6:L. Calvin, Ballinrees, C. Paul, 2nd Kilrea, G. Law, St. Colum’s, E. McClements, Ballinrees,

Reserves: E. Tosh, Ballywillan, P. Hartin, Agherton, E. Irwin, Loughanreagh


North Eastern Zone Champiomships

Triples - Dunluce Pres Tuesday 26th November 2013

7.00Pm R Kane (Dunluce Parish) v K Carson (St Colman’s)

E Beverland (Dunluce Parish) v N Kane (Ballintoy)

D Walker (St Colman’s) v N McNeill (Armoy Pres)

M McKeegan (St Mary’s Cushendall) v B Kane (Dunluce Parish)


D MCCurdy (Armoy Pres) v T McGarry (Loughguile)

A Tennant (St Colman’s) v A Kirkpatrick (Ballintoy)

I Kerr (Dunluce Parish) v E Armstrong (Carncullagh)

P Moore (Bushmills) v Bye

Singles - Carey - Wednesday 27th November 2013


T Mullan (Dunluce Parish) v A Walker (St Colman’s)

A Nicholl (Ballintoy) v A Carson (Dunluce Parish)

A McDonald (Bushmills Pres) v B Kane (Dunluce Parish)

K Shirley (St Colman’s) v I Kerr (Dunluce Parish)

D McToal (St Olcan’s) v D Taggart (St Colman’s)


T Breen (St Olcan’s) v A Tennant (St Colman’s)

S Walker (St Colman’s) v N.McNeill (Armoy Pres)

P.Moore (Bushmills Pres) v K Carson (St Colman’s)

U McKeeman (Dunluce Parish) v D.McCurdy (Armoy Pres)

P Stirling (Dunluce Pres) v J McMullan (Ballintoy)


J McCook (St Colman’s) v J McKeegan (St Mary’s Cushendall)

A Kirkpatrick (Ballintoy) v W McConaghie (Carncullagh)

A.McIntyre (Dunluce Parish) v D Culbertson (Dunluce Pres)

P McKeeman(st Colman’s) v L Reid (Ballintoy)

A.McCurdy (Armoy Pres) v D Walker (St Colman’s)


G Gillan (Armoy Pres) v B Smyth (Dunluce Parish)

E Armstrong (Carncullagh) v D Reid (Ballintoy)

N Kane (Ballintoy) v R Kane (Dunluce Parish)

T McKeegan (St Mary’s Cushendall) v M McAleese (St Colman’s)

R Kane (Dunluce Pres) v Bye

Over 55 Pairs - Quay Road Hall - Thursday 28th November 2013


J McKillop (St Colmans) v M O’Reilly (Ballycastle Pres)

R.Sharpe (Dunluce Pres) v T Smith (Dunluce Parish)

M McKeegan (St Mary’s Cushendall) v R Calvin (Bushmills Pres)

E.Beverland (Dunluce Parish) v J.McQuilkin (Dunluce Pres)


N Kane (Ballintoy) v J Gillan (Armoy Pres)

N.O’Kane (Loughguile) v K Caskey (Dunluce Parish)

J Sharpe (Dunluce Pres) v J. Simpson(St Colmans)

A Doughart (Loughguile) v R Kane (Dunluce Pres)

T McKeegan (St Mary’s Cushendall) v S Walker (St Colmans)

H.Elliott (Dunluce Parish) v E Armstrong (Carncullagh)

D Culbertson (Dunluce Pres) v Bye

Ladies Singles - Toberdoney Presbyterian - Monday 2nd December 2013


A Douthart (St Olcans) v J.Sharpe (Dunluce Pres)

S Breadon (Dunluce Pres) v M Morrow (Ballycastle Pres)

R.Gault (Dunluce Pres) v N O’Kane (st Olcans)

P.Johnston (Carncullagh) v M.McAuley (Dunluce Pres)

P Calvin (Bushmills Pres) v Bye

Ladies Triples


J.Sharpe (Dunluce Pres) v M Madden (Armoy Pres)

N O’Kane (St Olcans) v M. Morrow (Ballycastle Pres.)

Fours - Dunluce Pres Tuesday 3rd December 2013


N O’Kane (St Olcan’s) v S Walker (St Colman’s)

D McCurdy (Armoy Pres) v R Kane (Dunluce Parish)

E Armstrong (Carncullagh) v N McNeill (Armoy Pres)

R Kane (Dunluce Pres) v D Walker (St Colman’s)

Pairs - Carey - Wednesday 4th December 2013


G Gillan (Armoy Pres) v R Kane (Dunluce Parish)

A Tennant (St Colman’s) v D Reid (Ballintoy)

K Carson (St Colman’s) v J McKeegan (St Mary’s Cushendall)

D McCurdy (Armoy Pres) v B McKinley (Loughguile)

D Taggart (St Colman’s) v J.Elliott (Armoy Pres)


D Walker (St Colman’s) v P.Moore (Bushmills Pres)

I Kerr (Dunluce Parish) v A Kirkpatrick (Ballintoy)

U McKeeman (Dunluce Parish) v N Kane (Ballintoy)

A Nicholl (Ballintoy) v B Kane (Dunluce Parish)

S Walker (St Colman’s) v E Armstrong (Carncullagh)

E Beverland (Dunluce Parish) v J Hamilton (St Colman’s)

Space means we are unable to run rest of draw.

T McGarry (Loughguile) v M O’Reilly (Ballycastle Pres)

M McKeegan (St Mary’s Cushendall) v Bye

Fours - Dunluce Pres Thursday 5th December 2013


E Beverland (Dunluce Parish) v A Kirkpatrick (Ballintoy)

J.Elliott (Armoy Pres) v M McKeegan (St Mary’s Cushendall)

T McGarry (Loughguile) v P Moore (Bushmills)

K Carson (St Colman’s) v U McKeeman (Dunluce Parish)

Ladies Pairs


J.Burns (Ballycastle Pres.) v S Davidson (Armoy Pres)

D.Hughes (Dunluce Pres) v M Morrow (Ballycastle Pres)

N.O’Kane (Loughguile) v J.Sharpe (Dunluce Pres)