Aghadowey Stock Car Racing

Pictures by John Moore - Tygwyn Photography

Tuesday, 27th April 2010, 11:51 am

2L Sierra's Review

4 Sierra's took to the track for heat 1 but only 2 survived the first corner. 925 Davy Townley & 933 Andrew Percy collided with Hotrod man

81 Jonathan Nevin. Both got rear-end damage. 955 Campbell Percy ended up the clear winner ahead of 747 Colin McAleese.

Heat 2 claimed 747 Colin McAleese as he slid into the wall at the Brown Trout Corner. This left 955 Campbell Percy again taking the win ahead of 925 Davy Townley.

The Final saw Percy and Townley battle it out for the lead. Percy having the edge pulled away from Townley as the race went on and crossed the line 1st and took the flag with Townley finishing 2nd.

Open Hotrods Review

Heat 1 saw 935 David Gurney and 818 Richard Stewart bumper to bumper the whole race with nothing between them. Davy came through the winner with Stewart finishing on his bumper. Heat 2 again saw Gurney come through the winner this time by a bigger margin from last week's Final winner 82 Paul Nevin.

The final was a closely fought battle between Nevin and Gurney, going right down to the last lap. On the pit bend corner, Gurney seized under pressure and Nevin got round the outside and came through the winner ahead of Gurney with debuent man Jonathan Nevin in his stunning Tigra finishing in 3rd.

1600 Bangers Review

3 new faces were on the track for Heat 1 but nothing stopped 88 Peter Henderson taking the win ahead of 841 Lee McCloy. Heat 2 saw last weeks Final winner 142 Mark McLaughlin take heat 2 ahead of 841 McCloy again finishing 2nd.

The final saw a good battle between 88 Henderson, 841 McCloy and 142 McLaughlin. With all 3 leading at some point of the race, Henderson had the edge in his RWD Sierra over McLaughlin and McCloy in their FWD Astra's. Henderson came through the clear winner from 841 McCloy who finished 2nd in all three races with 142 McLaughlin finishing in 3rd.

Junior-Stocks Review

Heat 1 saw a good race between 42 Glen White and 11 Curtis Greer.

White had a good lead but Greer closed in on the final laps but could find no way through. White ended up the winner ahead of Greer.

Heat 2 saw Greer go 1 further as he came through the clear winner ahead of 6 Andrew Gamble with 85 Aaron Brunton in 3rd.

The final seen the same result as the 2nd heat with Greer taking the win, Gamble in 2nd and Aaron Brunton in 3rd.

1600 Lightning Rod's Review

Heat 1 in the ever popular Lightning Rod's saw a good battle between 57 Jerome Doherty and 55 Sammy Stewart. Nose to tail lap after lap, Sammy couldn't find a way through and Jerome took the flag with Stewart finishing on his bumper. Heat 2 saw last weeks on form man 5 Owen Cunning take the flag ahead of young-gun 26 Jason Harkness and 910 Neil Capper in 3rd.

The final under the lights saw 5 Owen Cunning lead from start to finish and took an easy win from 55 Sammy Stewart in 2nd and heat 1 winner Jerome Doherty in 3rd.