Time to stand down, Cllr McAfee says voter

SIR - GENERALLY speaking, I feel that our local Councillors do a very good job and I, for one, had no problems with the trip by some Ballymoney councillors to South Africa to celebrate Dervock’s great Olympic athlete, Kennedy Kane McArthur.

Indeed, I thought it was an excellent opportunity not only to promote McArthur himself but to forge and develop closer ties between Porchefstroom (where McArthur lived) and Ballymoney.

I am therefore disgusted by Councillor Roma McAfee’s belated whinging and churlish reaction to this trip. Apparently, she could see no problem with the trip when it was raised at a Council meeting, but then she went home and had a miraculous conversion. Suddenly, it seems, the trip to which she raised no objection was now to be condemned as a waste of money.

The Bible says that a person who is double-minded is unstable in all his ways, and I fail to see how Mrs McAfee can continue to fullfil the role of Councillor after this fiasco.

Yours No vote for McAfee

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