Reader agrees with drinking complaint

SIR, Reference your letter last week in the Times about drinking while a band parade was taking place in Ballymoney, I have to say I agree with the writer.

During the Dunloy band parade which, incidentally, was one of the best in the country as well as the best organised, I witnessed many people drinking in a public place.

I saw this at quite a few places and I have to stress this was not the fault of Dunloy organisers. It seems to be a culture that has grown in the town for some years at band parades.

My experience in this particular parade was seeing two girls drinking at the Rodden Foot roundabout and going unchallenged. Maybe this was a non-designated area, I don’t know, but I tried to get along a certain street in my car and was refused. When I drew comparisons between the two incidents I was quite cross.

Drinking in the street lowers the tone of a town and Ballymoney certainly has plenty of that during parades.

Yours etc.,

‘Disgusted Loyalist’

(name and address supplied).