Outpatients can claim travel and car expenses: Reader

SIR - I want to bring notice that some outpatients may be entitled to travel/car park expenses.

As a frequent outpatient, people don’t seem to be claiming for these funds as I feel the service is not being made easily accessible.

If you receive one of the following: Income Support, Guarantee Pension Credit, Income Employment Allowance (ESA), income Jobseekers Allowance, NHS Tax Credit Exemption Certificate or hold a DHSSPS, HCS or HC3 Certificate you are entitled to claim this allowance.

On your next appointment, to any hospital, ask for a travel/expenses form.

Fill it out, get a member of the Trust staff to sign it and take it to the hospital cash office for payment.

Also take proof that you receive one of the named above.

If you forget your proof you have up to three months to claim your expenses.

Yours sincerely a Ballymoney outpatient

(name and address supplied)