‘My good relations trip to Dublin’ - Cllr McAfee

SIR - Tomorrow morning (last Friday) I leave for a good relations trip to Dublin with a number of other councillors. In recent weeks I have been vocal over what I view as wasting ratepayers money but I’m not a hypocrite.

Even though I believe that this trip may be beneficial to me as a new Councillor, last week I requested a breakdown of costs for the trip. Today I then called into Riada House and paid for my part of the expense.

I come from a background where we work to improve our communities without financial reward. Even though I am within my rights to claim certain expenses I have not claimed one penny. While I get a basic allowance, since becoming a councillor last year this is the only money I have received as I believe it is sufficient to cover my role.

Yours Cllr Roma McAfee