McAfee does ‘not represent good value-for-money’

SIR - I am flabbergasted by Cllr Roma McAfee’s condemnation of the recent visit to South Africa by Ballymoney councillors.

She describes the trip as a “jolly” and speaks of the palpable anger on the streets. However, and rather importantly, she was present at the Council meeting when the trip was approved unanimously.

She now tells us that she failed in her duty to speak up against it! The ratepayers of Ballymoney would certainly have good reason to be both frustrated and angry. What was she doing when the issue was discussed at the meeting? Was she unable to understand what was going on? Was she too shy to speak up? Was she asleep?

Cllr McAfee refers to a waste of rate-payers money, but only a short time ago she suggested that the Council should hold a fireworks display for the young people at Halloween. This would have cost in the region of £20,000.

Each councillor is estimated to cost about £10,000 per year. In light of this, it seems to me that she does not represent good value-for-money. Surely the only honorable thing for her to do is resign.


Supporter of Kennedy Kane McArthur (name and address supplied)