‘Maybe councillors need a sharp reminder of who pays their wages’ reader

SIR - Through your paper I would like to express my complete and utter disgust at the decision by Ballymoney Borough Council to spend £4500 or so on sending a delegation to South Africa.

What a joke and a total waste of mine and many others ratepayers’ money. It seems too easy for the Council to blow thousands of pounds of our money on a trip with no noticeable benefit to the borough.

A jolly, junket, a wee trip! No matter what you call it, it’s a joke. A week after not even a sparkler was lit for Halloween by the Council they find this kind of money. Continuously we are told there is no money; that Ballymoney is only a small council and does not have lots of money to spend on things yet it’s strange how quickly and easily this money just appears.

Luxury trips to South Africa don’t just appear for the ordinary person of this borough who are continuously praying to keep or get a job, keep their business afloat and basically feed, clothe and heat themselves. Basically we are trying to survive.

Fair dues to one Councillor for at least having the guts to criticise the decision but apart from Roma McAfee where are the rest? Are they too far engrained into the system to upset the apple cart?

Certainly there seems to be no shame for what has been done and from what I can see the councillors who are going are totally oblivious to the reality that this has really upset many people.

Maybe they need a sharp reminder of who pays their wages.

I pity them the next time they come knocking at my door.

Yours etc JP (name and address supplied)