Interested in councillor’s comments

SIR - It was with interest that I read Councillor Frank Campbell’s appeal last week for ratepayers to let their local councillor know of their views on the clearing and salting of the roads in Ballymoney.

In many ways I agree that it shouldn’t be left to the Council to pay for this and it is the responsibility of the Department of Rural Development.

However, the irony that this is the same Frank Campbell who recently seconded a motion to send three of his DUP colleagues on a ratepayer funded jolly to South Africa is not lost on me.

The £4,500 spent on this meaningless trip away would have been better spent on something that benefits the local area. If the money hadn’t been spent stupidly then there would’ve been more some cash already in the pot to keep our roads and footpaths clear if or when the bad weather descends on Ballymoney or for something else that betters our area.

Councillor Campbell you really should think before you come out with statements, especially ones that attempt to appeal to the ratepayers over the waste of money or ask us to make our views known to the media.


Interested citizen.