Flag watch

SIR - While chatting to a few people I heard rumours that Ballymoney councillors are looking at changing the rules to fly the Union Flag all year round at Riada House.

All very good but why are they needing to do this? As far as I understand a decision was taken by them a number of years ago to only fly the national flag on 15 designated days plus the 12 July and Christmas Day.

Was it not these very same councillors, or mostly the same councillors who agreed this decision? Are they therefore going to retract a vote they made themselves.

If they do, the reason is very plain. The DUP know they have lost many of their traditional voters, not just over their ineffectiveness to combat the campaign to erode the cultural identity of the British people in this country but also their failure to address many of the socio-economical issues that exist in working class areas.

No doubt there will be a proposal to fly the flag all year round at Riada House and the DUP will come out and claim to be the bastions of Unionism in Ballymoney but this superficial attempt to induce local people will be seen for what it is.

Let us never forget that while Ballymoney may try to play a hard line, the DUP sit in a cosy relationship with Sinn Fein.

Yours, etc.

Flag watcher.