Dark Hedges - who or what are the Preservation group?

SIR - With regard to the news story in last week’s edition about the Dark Hedges being safeguarded by being handed over to a Preservation group.

On the face of it this is very welcome news as indeed the Hedges have been desecrated. My original letter highlighting this was belittled at the time.

My disgust at the ugly fencing was ignored and derided but it seems that or local councillors have eventually responded to the many complaints of not only the local residents but to the tourists who were so disappointed to find their photographs marred by a fence on the road side instead of being on the field side where it would have been almost unnoticed.

The questions going through my head now are who and what are the Preservation group. Who appointed them? And who are they? Will we know what their plans are for the road or will we just be foisted with some other eyesore one day?

And before we get too excited that bus tours will be coming to the site perhaps the powers that be should take a look at the state of the Bregagh road that is the main route to the Hedges from the Drones road before adding more traffic on to a road that is more like a laneway than a public road

Finally I wish I had a pound for ever tourist who stops to ask where the Dark Hedges are as the much talked about signs have still not been erected.

Yours. Robert Patton, Bregagh Road

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