Appeal for old pictures

FOR some years we have been working on a comprehensive history on the North Irish Horse in the First World War - this is currently on our web site at

One area which is progressing well is the inclusion of photos of the men who served. To assist to preserve this record before it is lost forever, I hope you might be willing to include the note below in your paper at a time of your convenience.

“If anybody has photos of any of the men who served in the North Irish Horse in the First World War we would love to have a copy to include in a site dealing with the NIH in WWl (see

Apart from the photos of more than 100 of the men who served, the site shows the daily unit diary for each of the units in the Regiment, the casualty lists, with a photo of the gravestone and details of its whereabouts and, where available, a photo of the soldier, as well as war stories relating to the NIH, and medals, relics and documents.

We encourage you to scan any you have and send them to Patricia Tardif at TARDIFPJ@TPG.COM.AU If you cannot scan the photos, please email Patricia.”

With thanks,

Patricia Tardif (TARDIFPJ@TPG.COM.AU)