Amazed at Armoy petition

Sir - I am totally amazed after seeing a Ballycastle shopkeepers’ petition to keep Tesco out of Ballycastle appear in Armoy.

So let’s get this right, you want us to sign a petition to keep one of the world’s leading supermarkets out of Ballycastle and be forced to buy more expensive products in this time of recession.

I think choice should be to the forefront, the choice of where I shop, the choice of which shop I intend to shop in and the choice of how much I want to pay for an item.

Maybe the people of Ballycastle have forgotten that they have a choice but if I lived in Ballycastle I would choose to shop anywhere but shops that still close lunchtime and half day Wednesday.

Trying to “Save your Town Centre”. Who do you think you`re kidding?

On my way to Ballymoney Tesco or Coleraine Asda because I have a choice,


Angry Armoy Resident.

(Name and address supplied)