You’ve goat no burgers at Hallowe’en extravaganza

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THE prospect of hot-food including goat burgers being sold at the big Hallowe’en fireworks extraganza in Ballycastle has gotten on the goat of a majority of Moyle councillors who say it would be unfair to businesses in the area who pay rates.

But the councillors who blocked the move have been branded silly billies by other local representatives who said ‘you’ve goat to be kidding’.

Broughgammon Farm from Straid Road near Ballycastle asked the Council if they could trade on Council property at Ballycastle Seafront on October 31 selling their own farm produce including goat burgers, kebabs and burritos.

Council officer Esther Mulholland said the Council considers applications for things which enhance the Halloween event like the selling of glow-sticks and toffee apples but hot-food would have an effect on traders in the area.

Cllr Joan Baird said nobody else in the district sells goat burgers but Mrs Mulholland said they are trying to keep the Halloween display in Ballycastle a family event and don’t want to turn it into a “trading event” so people don’t feel pressure to spend money.

She said the bottom line was that it was hot-food and if it was allowed there would be a number of people wanting to sell things like fish and chips next year.

Cllr Padraig McShane said traders at the seafront pay rates to the Council and they should be protected.

Cllr Robert McIlroy said the goat burgers had been sold in the same area at the Marconi Festival but Mrs Mulholland said that was a different type of event from Hallowe’en.

More than twice as many councillors voted for the goat burger ban than those in support.