You’re not pie-eyed, it IS the Causeway made from pastry!

editorial image

In celebration of British Pie Week (March 4 - 10), pastry specialists Jus-Rol have created an art ‘pie-ce’ of the iconic Giant’s Causeway out of pies.

The image is made up of 1,334 individually handmade cooked and uncooked pies using a combination of Jus-Rol Shortcrust and Puff pastry with a small amount of Filo used to give a hint of ripples on the water. It then took three painstaking days to place each pie into the perfect position. Cocoa powder, currants, sesame seeds and brown sugar were used for the outlining.

Other little nods such as some shamrocks are hidden in the detailing on top of some of the pie lids.

Holly Bouldin from Jus-Rol saID: “Founded back in 2007 by Jus-Rol, British Pie Week aims to inspire the nation to celebrate one of the greatest British classic foods and we wanted to pay tribute to that love by creating an impressive image which reflects Northern Ireland.”

Inspired by the image, Jus-Rol have launched a contest to pit the country’s regions against each other to create the best new pie that bakes in the iconic flavours and ingredients of the area.

When asked for their favourite pie filling, the people of Northern Ireland showed they have a sweet tooth, declaring Apple Pie as their ultimate favourite. Tying as joint favourites for second place are Beef Mince and Chicken and Ham pies. And it is back to a sweet pie for third place with Lemon Meringue.

To enter the contest, send an image and the recipe inspired by the flavours of Northern Ireland to for a chance to win £5,000. Competition closes at midnight on Sunday, March 10.