WW1 Legacy Programme causes Council battle

Ballymoney’s WW1 Legacy Programme, which offers financial assistance to groups hosting events relating to WW1 and its centenary, has once again been hotly debated in Council - even resulting in one councillor walking out of the meeting.

During Monday’s meeting a number of councillors called for a review of the application process to allow groups with supporting letters to be considered.

The proposal was raised after a group which failed to meet the criteria for funding revealed they had sent a supporting letter before their application outlining their eligibility.

However, in response, the Chief Executive highlighted that ‘it was important to set criteria and ensure that officers apply these in their assessment and that only the information contained in the application is considered’.

A heated debate followed between a number of councillors and Council officials which ultimately resulted in Cllr Evelyne Robinson walking out of the Chamber!

See the full story in next week’s Ballymoney and Moyle Times.