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POLICE in Ballymoney have warned their patience is running out with those who continue to flout a one-way traffic system in the Glebeside estate and officers are contemplating getting tough and handing out fixed penalty tickets.

The PSNI fear someone will be seriously injured if there is a collision caused by cars driving against the flow of traffic at Armstrong Drive and Hillview Avenue.

And a local councillor who is also a North Antrim MLA has welcomed the police pledge to take action to protect the safety of road-users.

DUP representative Mervyn Storey said people need to respect the traffic laws before somebody is hurt or killed.

Inspector David Anderson of Ballymoney PSNI said: “I would like to issue a reminder about the one-way system at Hillview and Armstrong Drive. There are still some drivers going against the one-way flow and at present although we are choosing to try and increase awareness of this problem, if this persists we may have to issue fixed penalty tickets.

“And we are also reviewing the signage to make sure it is adequate but we believe that by this stage local people should be aware there is a one-way system in place.”

Residents have been complaining and one told the Times: “My heart is in my mouth every time I look out because I fear there could be a collision or that a child runs out onto the road after looking one-way up the street and gets hit by a car they don’t expect to come from the opposite direction.”

Mervyn Storey told the Times: “Clearly people should respect what is in place. The one-way system was put in place to ease the traffic problems in the area and if the police think they need to take action to deal with this madness of driving up a one-way street then that is needed to deter others.

“There are serious safety implications with driving the wrong way down a one-way street and people should stop before somebody is hurt,” said Mr Storey.