World's finest shotguns on display at Lavin Guns

BERETTA who have been manufacturing firearms for nearly 500 years will be displaying their finest shotguns from 7th to 12th September at Lavin Guns, Tober Road, Knockahollet, Cloughmills.

The world's most prestigious over and under on display is the S010 EELL and although this will only appeal to the very lucky few at 59,000 it is the pinnacle of the gun maker's art.

Also on display will be the prized S06 EELL which sells for 49,000.

These unique guns are entirely hand crafted by Beretta's finest craftsmen and engravers.

The master gunsmith's art is evident throughout, from the hand cut diamond chequering to the hand filed ventilated rib.

The gun cases are made from solid wood covered in leather and a full range of homemade cleaning and maintenance accessories are also provided.

Also on display during the open week will be the DT10 EELL 32" Sporter and the DT10L 32" Sporter.

These are the guns that have been on the Olympic podium and will appeal to the clay shooter who wants the very best.

For the game shot on display will be the side by side 471 EL, the 687 EELL, the 686S and the Ultralite Game.

All the guns are very competitively priced and have the same beauty and dependability as the more expensive models.

This is a one-off opportunity to see these wonderful works of art and are available to view for the first time in N Ireland at Lavin Guns. Come and see them - it costs nothing to look and dream.