Work needs to be done – Residents Association

RASHARKIN Residents Association say that the Ballymaconnelly parade in its current format is unsustainable.

A spokesperson for the Association said in a statement: “Whilst we are thankful that there was no significant disorder there were flagrant breaches of the Parades Commission flags ruling and there was a number of loyalists that remained at Glebe Park/Belmont long after the parade had passed. That is unacceptable and it remains unacceptable that this parade and its participants continue to ensure that the village is sealed off until 10pm at night.

“The re-entry of the parade into the village via Glebe Road prolongs the tensions and it is totally unnecessary. That is certainly something that needs to be considered further by the Commission and they need to take into account the views of residents living in this part of the village.

“We would like to thank all those who were involved with the Association in the past year that gave up of their time to go to countless meetings with the Commission and other groups.

“There is no doubt, and the Commission alludes to this in its determination on their website, that this work and the rebuttal of our efforts to engage by the Ballymaconnolly band led to a reduction in band numbers and a restriction on flags.

“There is only one way to resolve this parades dispute and that is through face to face talks. If it can be done elsewhere it can be done in Rasharkin and there is no doubt that work needs to be done in regard to the planned Twelfth procession that is to be held here next year.

“We will continue to work towards a peaceful resolution to this issue in the village and that is ultimately what everyone in Rasharkin wants to see.”