Words did not fail this popular librarian

ONE of Dalriada Grammar School’s most loyal employees, Margo Johnston, has retired, writes Martin Toney.

Margo (pictured right) was school’s library assistant and had been employed at the school since 1979 but subsequently took a leave of absence to be with her children, later returning in 1999 to continue her role as assistant.

Speaking to the Times Margo said: “Roughly, time wise its been about 26 years all in all, and I was 24 when I started which feels like a lifetime ago. People have told me that I’m going to miss the noise, and I will, there is only four of the original staff remaining.”.

She also went on to describe her relationship with the schools occupants saying “I loved my work, the company and the craic, it’s a great atmosphere and the kid are great.”

Throughout the interview, Margo spoke with great affection for the school and the pupils and staff that resided within its walls saying “it’s just time to move on”.

Needless to say, Margo has enjoyed her time working at the school, she opened the doors every morning at half eight allowing lines of students into the Library which was open all throughout the school day, including break and lunch time so she could accommodate all who wished to study.

Margo has also been witness to the school’s ever changing structure, saying that she has seen entire new sections be added to the building over her years.

During her time Margo has seen many great pupil pass through it, some of whom have gone on to become rugby and hokey stars, and even BBC news readers.