‘Wildlife Crime Scene’ uncovered

Junior detectives urgently required to solve the mystery

Organisers are summoning all junior detectives to Riverside Park on Saturday 10 December from noon to 2pm. With its woodland, river and rich autumn colours, Riverside Park is a place of natural beauty.

But this tranquil setting has been disturbed; a crime committed; and help is urgently needed to solve the ‘wildlife crime scene’ and deduce ‘who’s eaten who’.

Rachel Bain, Biodiversity Officer for Ballymoney, Coleraine and Limavady Borough Councils, in partnership with the BBC children’s show Live ‘n’ Deadly, is hosting a free afternoon of detective fun for all the family at Riverside Park, Ballymoney. Live ‘n’ Deadly is the CBBC’s wildlife and adventure show for kids, fronted by Steve Backshall and Naomi Wilkinson.

Their mission is to get kids outside and closer to wildlife.

Rachel, explains: “This Deadly Scene Investigation event presents families with a ‘wildlife crime scene’ hidden in the park. Each child is given a free Deadly Detective booklet, before exploring the park in search of clues to solve the crime. There are also small prizes to give away to all participants.”

Start your detective investigation at the main entrance to Riverside Park, at Armour Avenue. Please wear suitable footwear and clothing. All children must be accompanied by an adult.

For further information on this event, or if you are interested in the Ballymoney, Coleraine & Limavady Biodiversity Project in general, please contact: Rachel Bain, Biodiversity Officer,

Tel: 028 7034 7272, or by e-mail: rachel.bain@ballymoney.gov.uk or log on to www.ballymoney.org.uk or www.biodiversityni.com