Wild West themed evening and more!

live music background''"Entertainment''Nights Out ''Concert''Music
live music background''"Entertainment''Nights Out ''Concert''Music


To mark the end of his tenure as President, Ballycastle Rotary’s Sean McKinley is parking his wagon outside the ‘Central Saloon’ and cordially inviting all ‘homesteaders’ and ‘settlers’ to a Wild West themed hoe-down!

As is customary with these end-of-year celebrations, fancy dress is encouraged and with any luck, the weather will be more akin to the dry, dusty conditions associated with the era!

Providing the ‘Banditos’ can be outmanoeuvred, charitable donations will be presented by Sheriff McKinley and the distribution of our Spirit of Moyle Awards will no doubt be one of the main attractions of the evening.

The obligatory tin of beans around the camp fire will, in its modern-day reincarnation, take the form of a mouth-watering four course meal with more than a passing nod to the culinary fare of the early 19th century.

With the possibility of a show girl or two making an appearance, and plenty of lively music , the inclination will surely be strong to ‘kick up those spurs’ – but be warned, any raucous behaviour will see Sheriff McKinley’s deputy, ‘Rodeo Rankin’ restore some law and order to proceedings! (A talented horseman who will ride you out of town!)

Throw in a raffle, plenty of good fun-lovin’ folks and a great venue and you surely have every reason to saddle up and mosey on down to the Central Restaurant for a night to remember!

Tickets are £30 and can be ordered from Gemma McHenry or from other Rotary members. Monies raised on the night will support Rotary Charities. We look forward to your company.


There will be a sequence and social dance in Cloughmills Community Centre on Monday, June 15th from 8.30pm - 11.30pm.

Music by Liam McLaughlin. Admission £5 including light supper. All welcome.