Who is standing for election in North Antrim seat?

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Nine candidates are to contest the single seat available for North Antrim in the House of Commons in the 2015 Westminster Election.

The constituency, which takes in the former council districts of Ballymena, Ballymoney and Moyle, has traditionally been an overwhelmingly unionist seat.

From 1970 it was the electoral base of Ian Paisley, founder of the Democratic Unionist Party, and the Free Presbyterian Church.

Mr Paisley, who died last year, was succeeded as an MP by his son, Ian Paisley jnr in 2010.

That same year former DUP MEP Jim Allister announced that he would contest the constituency for the Traditional Unionist Voice.

Though he did well at the polls in 2010, Mr. Allister is keeping out of the Westminster limelight this time round, choosing to put Timothy Gaston, the recently appointed Deputy Mayor of Mid & East Antrim Borough, into the fray against the battle hardened Paisley.

Looking down the list of candidates, the Ulster Unionists are likely to find themselves suffering due to the DUP and TUV confrontation.

The SDLP and Sinn Fein will be checking their standings in the broader nationalist community through their respective candidates, Declan O’Loan and Daithi McKay MLA.

On down the list, voters will find candidates for Alliance, UKIP, the Conservatives and an Independent.

Counting will take place overnight on Thursday, May 7, with the first results expected early on Friday.