Where there’s a will...

HASTINGS & Co solicitors in Ballymoney have thanked their clients who helped them raise £800 for charity by having their Will written during November’s Will Aid month.

Local solicitors, including Hastings & Co from Charlotte Street, generously gave up their time to write Wills for local people and instead of charging their usual fee, invited their clients to donate to the nine Will Aid charities.

The money raised is used by the nine charities to make a real difference where help is needed the most - like when St Asaph in north Wales was flooded last November after days of heavy rain

The Will Aid scheme will run again in November 2013 and will once again offer the opportunity for people to get the security of a properly drafted Will while helping charities at the same time. For more information about how to take part, please visit: www.willaid.org.uk or phone 0300 0300 013