Whaut daes Ullans mean tae you ?

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A hae bane scrieven in mae ain Ullans leid for nigh on twunty year ir mair an whiles A wunner whaut daes Ullans mean tae ither folk.

Noo tae maesel Ullans is tha tongue thaut A wus brocht up wae frae mae mither’s knee, it is pairt o me an wha A am, withoot it A wud hae loast a big pairt o mae identity. Some yins ax mae whiles whaut is Ullans.

Tae me Ullans is a leid thaut come frae tha lowlans o Scotlan an wus brocht ower tae Ulster bae oor forefeythers. Noo it haes had a gie bad time o’it doon through tha years, for tha pooers thaut be hae dane thaur very best tae destroy it an maak it nigh a crime tae spake it ava.

English it wus tae be an if ye daured tae spake onythin else ye wur pit doon as second cless citizen.

Anither thing thaut stud in its wye wus conceitedness amang yins wha saa it as a kine o a workin mans leid an it had tae bae shunned at a coasts.

Noo A mann sae thaut a wheen o folk ir daein thaur best tae pit forrit oor leid but they seem tae bae gane agen tha tide. A luk at oor Irish freens an see thur tongue comin on leaps an bouns, becaase they hae thur politeecans ahint them an ir pushin aa tha time for their Tongue. In tha case o oor leid it is har’ly iver taaked aboot an forbye thaut, yins wha ir supposet tae bae workin for tha guid o oor leid hae bane for years tryin tae decide whaut oor tongue is and wull nether taak it nir scrieve it in case they spell somethin wrang.

Ullans wye o taakin in my opeenion cannae bae standardised for it haes a hale differs o dialects throughoot Down, Entrim an Donegal. Standardising wud maak a new Tongue that native speakers widnae unnerstan an wud only help drive oor tongue intae naethin but memories.

Dinnae forget tae ax ony o tha boys lukin for yer voat whaut they ir daein tae keep Ullans leevin. A’l lee yese a wee line ir twa frae a poem a scrieved lang syne.

Sae noo mae saunterin A mann stap

As mae thochts gae bak tae mae ain mither’s lap,

An tha guid UIster-Scots that wus gien tae mae then

Wull stick in mae heid, tae mae journey’s en’.