What’s that over the ditch?

WITH the recent spell of ambient weather, farmers and contractors have surged out of their yards up lanes, down roads and into fields to spread sweet goodness on the land.

As they have traversed the roads on their high horsepower steads it may have come to motorists minds that the tractors were not just as clean as they last remembered them. ‘Clarried’ is the word that some may have thought as tractors and tankers with matching mucky livery roared along giving cause for slightly slower motoring than usual.

But there was more, much more to this sight. There was also the fetching aroma in the air which assisted even the motorist on autopilot to came a little closer to their senses ... who needs smelling salts during the muck season? Finally, when these muddy leviathans eased off the roads and into the fields the drivers of the little motoring cubes may have shed a tear at such sweet parting and taken a last longing look into the fields where perhaps they may have seen one or even two mucky tractors bring joy to the land.

Picture the scene recently then when one local journalist happened to glance over a ditch into a field in North Antrim and was awestruck by the sight of not one or two, not even three; but fifty mucky tractors parked up in rows.

All the tractors had loaders and each tractor was absolutely claried. Below the dirt it was just possible to discern a hint of blue; a clue perhaps as to the brand 
of tractors.

Along the top of each tractor’s front window was a sunstrip which wasn’t about an old country. Taking it easy in the fifty tractors were fifty tractor drivers each looking resplendent with their bright yellow shirts.

Suddenly it dawned on the journalist that he had stumbled upon the secret location of ‘Muddytrac Farm’ in North Antrim where the muddy tractors are produced.

No sooner had he parked up his jeep than he pulled out his camera to record this moment in time lest any should disbelieve his story. So here especially for our readers are the exclusive 
first pictures of the 50 new muddy tractors destined for the Northern Ireland Farm Toy and Model Show at Portrush on Good Friday 
29th March.