What is love?

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In April 2014 a team of 10 (9 from Ballymoney) will be heading to a village called Kiambururu in Kenya as part of a missions trip for local Christian children’s charity vision4kids.

The aim of the visit will be to carry out repair and maintenance work at Primary Schools in the village as well as support local evangelist Samson in conducting a week long children’s Bible school.

Local man and team member Andrew Hegarty has organised an unusual meeting to raise funds for this outreach work. Members of the public are invited to come along on Wednesday, February 12 and find out what the Bible has to say about Love!!

The Special Guest Speaker is Armen Thomassian and dinner will be provided prior to talk (Come hungry!!) while admission is free for this special event, there will be an opportunity to leave donations at the door. All donations go directly to the vision4Kids Kenya 2014 Project. The venue is The Old Courthouse, Charlotte Street, Ballymoney at 7.30pm.