What a ‘gran’ wee boy Jamie is!

JAMIE Norton is one very lucky little boy.

For the bonny Ballymoney baby has the ‘gran’ total of SIX grannies to dote on him.

The Times quite often carries pictures of perhaps four generations of a family together, sometimes even five but we think this is the first time that we have heard of a little boy with six grannies.

And here’s the family line-up:

There’s little seven-month-old Jamie, his mum Lauren, her mum Cathy McCaw and his other granny Hilary Norton and then the FOUR great-grandmothers Kathleen McClelland, Lilian Norton, Evelyn Elder and Molly McCaw.

Indeed, Jamie’s mum Lauren admitted that it was only at Christmas that she realised just how special her family circle is.

“Jamie was born in August and it was only at Christmas when I was trying to buy Christmas presents and cards for them all that it occurred to me that Jamie has six grannies!” she laughed.

“He’s a very lucky wee boy and they all spoil him.

“We all live in Ballymoney so they all see him very regularly, in fact Granny Elder is the farthest one away and she is only out in Bendooragh.

“They really do dote on him. I realise that it’s not as easy for them to come here so I always make sure that I take Jamie to see them all at least once a week or every other week.”

With such an array of grandmothers, you can be sure that Jamie will turn out to be a ‘gran’ wee lad!