Weekend for Soul Cafe

WHAT a weekend! To God be the glory! If Drumreagh hall was packed last weekend, then this weekend seen boundaries pushed, with chairs brought over from the church and people squeezed into every nook and cranny available.

With the multitude finally seated the weekend kicked off again, with music from Clay, a Christian rock band, on Friday and Inflame, a God glorifying praise band,

On Saturday night. Becca Dysart, one of Drumreagh's own, testified on Friday night as to the challenges she faced as a Christian in school and how God helped her through. Saturday night Andy, lead vocalist from Inflame and a martial arts expert, shared how The Lord has helped him through the awkwardness of being different during his adolescent years and led him to an international ministry in music and worship. Phil Kerr from Crown Jesus Ministries gave a message on all three nights as to God's love, justice and His saving faith through Jesus. Phil made the message relevant and appropriate to the crowd and with the power of the Holy Spirit dozens of lives were changed this weekend. Fun was then to be had at Soul Caf plus with again hotdogs, hot chocolate and more hilarious (and sometimes theological) questions and answers with members from the band, with the testifiers, and Phil making up a diverse panel.

Sunday night broke all records with huge numbers again and Drumreagh's own fantastic praise band Red Letter raised the roof together with hundreds of voices with praise to an almighty God.

Alice Alexander moved the crowd with her inspiring testimony and as God used Phil to preach the gospel in no uncertain terms, and power point was also used to leave everyone in no doubt who The King of Kings and The Lord of Lords is! As tears flowed and lives were altered for eternity, thanks were offered up to a God who broke into hearts, touched, healed and saved this weekend.

With the prayer team upstairs covering the event with prayer and worship and God's Spirit moving through the hall, it was to His Glory that lives were changed that weekend and before, with young and older answering the question 'Who do I chose?' with the only true answer… Jesus as Saviour– I am the Way, the Truth and the Life, no man comes to the Father except by me'.

At the end of the evening once the last visitor had left the team gave thanks again to God for the success of the event with young and older lives changed due to Salvation, and they would like to take this opportunity to thank all those that served in any of the teams and supported in any way especially through prayer and would ask that that support would be maintained in prayer for the continued outreach that is necessary in follow up and to acknowledge that to God be all the glory.

If there was anyone that left Soul Caf without talking to one of the team and would like to, please make contact, directly or through the web site address at the bottom.

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