Water spraying in Cushendall angers Ballymoney couple

A Ballymoney man says it wil be a long time before he strolls through the streets of Cushendall again after what he encountered during the Easter break.

The man who did not wish to be named said he and his wife had decided to spend a relaxing afternoon in the Glens, but were shocked at what happened to them when they visited Cushendall.

He told the Times: “We were both window shopping and enjoying the sunshine when three cars occupied by young people came along and began spraying people with water from those huge guns.

“I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. The middle of the day and these eejits were out spraying water for what they probably thought was a bit of harmless fun. Pedestrians were furious and rightly so. What sort of image does this portray for a village that prides itself on being at the heart of the Glens?”

The incident, he said, occurred late afternoon.

The man stressed that he always liked Cushendall and the Glens in general, but wondered why the young people, who he thought were most likely from the village, could bring it into such disrepute.

Moyle Independent Councillor, Seamus Blaney, contacted the Times to say he had heard about the incidents from a friend in the Glens, but did not know the exact circumstances.

“Someone mentioned this to me, but I don’t know if the police were informed.

“Naturally, this isn’t good for tourism and in these days of economic hardship Cushendall - indeed all parts of the country - can ill afford to have people complaining,” he said.

Cllr. Blaney, a member of Moyle District Policing Partnership, said he would raise the matter at the next opportunity.

He added: “I know the traders in Cushendall and the people who live there don’t want this kind of thing happening in their communnity.

“The place gets a bad enough press from time to time because of joyriders and the like and to have this added is a shame.