WATCH: Standing room only at North Coast open night

North Coast Integrated College hosted a very successful Open Night on January 5 with a large turnout of prospective pupils and their parents in attendance.

Visitors were given the opportunity to view the facilities, hear about the exciting new developments at the College, and to meet teachers, support staff and pupils. They also witnessed and participated in an array of demonstrations and workshops which were used to showcase the vast selection of subjects on offer.

Geographers explain volcanoes.

Geographers explain volcanoes.

In his address the Principal Mr Mullan highlighted the strong position the College holds in the community. He expressed a well-found optimism for the future of the College with the promise of a new build as well as the provision of both grammar and all ability pathways.

North Coast Integrated College has always embraced innovation and will continue to grow and strive for the absolute best.

Mr Mullan talked of the extensive induction programme in place at the College; which is designed to ensure that the transition to post-primary education is a positive experience for Year 8 pupils. Mr Mullan went on to point out the many strengths of the College which include strong leadership, exemplary teaching and learning, first rate careers provision and an extensive extra-curricular programme.

Results attained in public exams continue to improve each year, and the fantastic academic success is largely due to the good working relationships between teachers, pupils and parents as well as the hard work and dedication of all involved.

Mr Mullan also talked of the unique position that the College holds as an Integrated School where the culture of tolerance and respect is fully promoted. Every pupil is encouraged to value their own tradition as well as developing an understanding and appreciation of our common culture.

Anyone who missed the Open Evening, or who has any further questions, is invited to contact the Principal on 02870329026. Appointments can also be made at the school office to arrange a tour.