WATCH: North Coast Integrated College prize day

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North Coast Integrated College hosted its annual prize giving ceremony on September 19.

Many young people received prizes ranging from the academic to the sporting and beyond.

These young people collected their awards in front of their parents, peers, principal, teachers and other distinguished guests who were in attendance.

Principal, Mr Mullan, was joined by Kerry Macaulay who was representing the Board of Governors, Lisa Verner, Ursula Moore of the international charity Children in Crossfire and Guest Speaker, Richard Moore CEO of the aforementioned charitable organisation.

Mr Mullan began the proceedings by highlighting the wonderful results achieved by

both A’ Level and GCSE students alike. Such success stories are the product of

hard work, determination and supportive parents.

Mr Mullan went on to thank “the dedicated team of teaching and support staff who work tirelessly to ensure that each student at the College achieves their true potential. Also in school there is a small army of non-teaching staff including Supervisors, Cleaners, Caretaker, Canteen Staff, Office staff, Bursar, Librarian, Technician and Governors who all play a vital role in our school and I welcome this opportunity to publicly thank you for all that you do.”

Mr Mullan congratulated the many students on their university placements and wished everyone well with their further studies and chosen career pathway. He extended an open ended invitation for their return to share all of their successes with

future prize winners.

Mr Mullan also talked of the wonderful extra-curricular opportunities available to

students at the College, “As usual we have a very full programme this year of extra-

curricular activities. May I encourage you to avail of the wonderful choice that the

College offers. That choice extends to over twenty different activities both during the school day and in the afternoons.

“From Duke of Edinburgh to Languages club, from the Animal club to Animation, from Gardening to Guitar, from Soccer to the School Magazine, from Gaelic to the great North Coast Integrated Bake off - the choice is incredible and the list goes on!”

The audience was also addressed by newly appointed Head Boy Brandon McCreadie and Head Girl Caitlin Walker who encouraged all the prize winners to continue working hard because the effort, as is very true of their personal experiences, pays off.

Before introducing the guest speaker, Mr Mullan concluded his speech by reiterating his congratulations to all of the prize winners. He also talked of the great future that lies ahead for North Coast Integrated College with a consistently strong and increasing intake as well as the promise of a new build.

Guest Speaker Richard Moore was blinded at the age of ten by a rubber bullet as he walked home from primary school. Despite the blindness the father of two, went on to turn tragedy into triumph graduating from UUC with a degree in Business Administration, and becoming an accomplished musician.

In the mid-1990s Richard set up the charity Children in Crossfire with a mission to combat the ravages of child poverty around the world and to help young people who were caught in the crossfire of violence.

Having met and established a friendship with the man who injured him, Richard is a

beacon of forgiveness and an example to all of us. His Holiness the Dalai Lama

described Richard as his hero saying that Richard does not just preach forgiveness

he practices it.

Children in Crossfire has raised millions of pounds to help combat poverty in various

countries. This money has gone to provide clean water to over one million people in

Malawi, provide accessible education for visually-impaired students in The Gambia,

treat over 2,000 cancer patients in Tanzania, and treat over 10,000 children suffering from severe acute malnutrition in Ethiopia. The charity has also given preschool access to over 100,000 children throughout Africa.

In his speech, Mr Moore congratulated all of the prize winners and talked about how privileged they all were to attend an integrated college where inclusion regardless of background, gender, ethnicity, ability and religion was its central aim.

He went on to share some very important guiding principles with the prize winners.

He said that, in life, they should embrace challenges and not be put off by them and that they must not use difficult situations as an excuse to give up. He said that each individual must ask for help whenever they need to. Asking for help is not a weakness, it is a necessity to help us all achieve our very best and to be all that we can be.

After the ceremony the prize winners and guests spent time together reflecting on

the success of the afternoon whilst enjoying refreshments prepared by the Friends of

North Coast.