Waste facility consortium is appointed for £500m project

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The Councils of the North West Region Waste Management Group (NWRWMG) have agreed to appoint a consortium consisting of Shanks, Brickkiln and Sisk as its preferred bidder in a £500m procurement exercise to deliver modern waste facilities.

In December 2012 the NWRWMG’s Joint Committee recommended the consortium as the preferred bidder to its seven constituent Councils, including Ballymoney Borough Council.

Cllr. Evelyne Robinson, Chair of the NWRWMG’s Joint Committee, said: “The NWRWMG has been developing proposals to bring European best practice in waste management to Northern Ireland’s north-west region for almost a decade. The proposed new facilities will maximise recycling rates, improve the environment and generate enough renewable electricity to power the equivalent of 6,000 homes annually. The technologies proposed will ensure that ratepayers avoid potential EU fines for failure to divert waste from landfill, and create 200 construction jobs and 40 full-time posts once operational.