Want to try something better? Try our specialist Jersey Beef!

ROSEBANK Farm Shop - bringing high quality produce to Ballymoney

“We have been farming for over 50 years primarily producing milk from our dairy herd,” said a spokesman. “Around 10 years ago we decided to change our breed of cattle to Jersey cows. Occasionally we have slaughtered an animal for our own use. We found this meat to be unique in its flavour and tenderness.

“Over the years we have given this meat to family and friends who have all commented on its taste and great flavour. We have been encouraged by their comments to supply this meat to the public. As a result we decided to open a farm shop selling our own farm reared beef and milk products at our home farm in Bendooragh.

“Our cattle are primarily fed grass, grass based products and grains, some of which are grown on our own farm. Therefore we are confident that our beef is produced only from natural feeds. Because we are producing our products from birth to slaughter, we have a confidence in our products which have no food miles associated.

“We are members of both Farm Quality Assurance Scheme and Red Tractor Scheme. These two schemes assure the public of the high standard which has to be attained in both animal welfare and best farming practice.

“We are passionate about what we produce on the farm whether its beef or milk products. We believe that Northern Ireland produce is best which is why we stock only locally sourced products.

We are currently open 6 days a week - Monday-Saturday 9am-5pm. We look forward to welcoming you in our new shop.”